Swimming Lessons in Abingdon

  • Beginners to Advanced
  • Toddlers to Pensioners
  • Triathlon Training
  • Open water swimming
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)
  • Riversurfing
  • Video analysis

Children’s lessons –

The short clip above shows a thirty minute lesson compressed down. These two boys are advanced freestyle swimmers but still benefit from the Endless Pool. Both boys have moved into open water swimming and long distance stand up paddle boarding and Riversurfing.

Adult lessons –

This customer is in training for ultra long distance multi day swimming. She benefits greatly from ‘Swimming With Lift’

My swim lessons are mostly in the Endless Pool. The focus is on greater distance per stroke, which is achieved by ‘swimming with lift’ rather than creating your own lift with your arm action. Swimmers at Wavecloud Swim School allow the water to lift them rather than lifting themselves with a down stroke This gives a longer propulsion phase of the stroke, making the swimmer travel further on less effort.

I also offer open water swim teaching from SUP. It’s like having me next to you in the pool except outside. Nothing is better for swim teaching outdoors than teaching from a SUP.

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Abingdon (SUP)

Whether you’re a total newbie looking for a bimble on the Thames, an intermediate looking to take the next step or a hardcore experienced SUPer already doing coastal jaunts and surfing I’ll have something to tempt you.

  • Introduction to SUP
  • Flat water touring
  • Back water adventures

Further Afield…

Every few weeks I offer trips for the more adventurous ready to take the next step

  • White Water SUP
  • Coastal Expeditions
  • Downwind paddling – riding ocean swells
  • Riversurfing
  • Surfing – SUP ocean surfing

Riversurfing in Abingdon

Christian Shaw of Plastictides and Pro BadfishSUP team rider enjoying what Wavecloud Swim School has to offer. Christian is a regular visitor from the USA. He is always ready to hit the water and is never disappointed!

Few people are aware that surfing is even possible without the ocean and a sandy beach, let alone in the heart of Oxfordshire. Riversurfing is the newest sport to hit the UK. At Wavecloud Swim School I can offer Riversurfing in various locations around Oxfordshire and further afield. I have the finest selection of specialist Riversurfing boards designed for beginners to advanced shredders, and a formula that can almost guarantee success.

Some previous paddling experience is helpful but by no means essential. If you do have previous SUP or surf experience, all the better! You’ll be stoked that the ‘glide’ is on offer right here in the middle of the countryside or town!

This is Siri Schubert who came all the way from Switzerland to try her hand at Riversurfing. Within a few hours she was starting to get the feel of things.

This is myself enjoying the endless wave. There’s simply nothing as satisfying as carving a few turns on a spring afternoon.

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