Looking Back Highligts of 2017

It all started with a Christmas Jaunt in the Open Canoe on our local waters to the ‘Secret Island’… The mystical place where Lewis Carol would hang out dreaming up the magical tale of Alice In Wonderland. The kids love getting out into the local ‘Wilderness’. On the water you can get an illusion of wilderness even right here in the middle of Oxfordshire, especially in the winter months.

Xmas River Trip

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 14.48.54

Christchurch Harbour and Avon Beach

Few days later, a family paddle on Christchurch Harbour. This natural harbour is the ideal place to introduce beginners to Tidal waters. Very sheltered and mostly shallow all the way across.


Just around the corner from Christchurch Harbour is Avon Beach, where I had the last few small waves of 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 18.29.39

Endurance Open Water Training Starts Early

First week in January and the pool is back in action, with a customer starting early and getting ready for long distance endurance swimming.



Surf’s Up! First ‘Sea Surf’ of 2017

First surf at Bracklesham Bay. Only a 90 minute drive and you can be carving up the clean surf of the English Channel. One of the best day trips possible.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 19.55.23

Bigger Surf This Time!

Really chunky swell hits the South Coast! Hayling Island pumping! 🌊🏄🏽💪🏼😀

First Downwinder Of 2017

Not howling but plenty of wind, enough to get some great rides. This run is Sandbanks to Christchurch Harbour. You get the feel of open ocean without huge tides and prevailing wind and waves will push you back to shore in an emergency. Still worth letting the local lifeguards know your route and ETA.

Triathlon Season Starts Properly

One beginner, one improver and one advanced but needs to re-wire his stroke for more glide.

Riversurf Season Continues!

Early spring sees plenty of rain! Our local wildlife river starts ‘going’ and Riversurf is on offer right here in Abingdon! 🌊👌🏻🏄🏽😀

Morocco 2017

I thought I’d let the pictures do the talking!

Can’t wait to get back in 2018!

Introduction To SUP Season Starts!

April is here and customers want to get out into the wilds of the River Thames! Easy flat water SUP taster! If you can walk – you can SUP


Canoe Club Riversurf Meet!

Yes folks after years of being a bit suspicious of SUP, suddenly the local canoeists want a piece of the action! Good for them I say!

Into April and it’s feeling like summer already!

Here we all are cutting some water!

SUP Dogs Hit The Water Again

SUPDogBaz Makes A Return!

He’s not too keen on the cold so this was only his second time out in 2017!

He loves it!

Say – Sausages 🐾

Christian Shaw USA Pro Paddler!

Christian Shaw arrives from the USA, with Badfish Holeshot iSUP.

This is Christian’s second visit to Wavecloud Swim School and it’s always a pleasure to have him!

Day one – quick trip to the coast!

Then back to the pool for some chilled out swimming in warm water! 😀

Day two – Riversurf is Up!

SUP Mag UK Feature!

Always a privilege to get a magazine feature! I never get bored of it!

Summer Start Early!

Mid May and summer arrived with proper scorching weather! Only one thing for it!

North Devon Mini Expo – Baggy Point, Downend and Wheelers Stone.

Early June and we get a rare chance to explore North Devon points, cliffs and caves! Usually pounded swell so off limits to coastal exploration. Even in calm conditions the tidal flow is savage as soon as you get out beyond the headlands. Defo only Head for this area if you can read tides and make a tidal plan.

Summer Downwinder With Jimmy Lewis UK & Ireland

Not that often that it gets windy enough for a Downwinder in the summer months, so Ian Phillips didn’t take much persuading!

Just shows that with the world best gear – riding bumps needn’t be tricky or done in death defying winds!

This route is across Langstone Harbour. Possibly the best downwind leg on the South Coast!

Mid Summer Madness!

Yes folks by mid June we see temps in the thirties and water temps in the low twenties!

Swim lessons in the Thames, Family fun canoeing, back water adventures, Weir drops!

No need for wetsuit! Just boardshorts a T shirts!

Some of the students at Wavecloud Swim School have never seen a summer so hot! It’s been that many years since we had a scorcher before summer 2017.

The Severn Bore And BadfishSUP

This time Claire Chappel, a pro river surfer and Badfish Team Rider visits Wavecloud Swim School. Her main goal was to surf the mellow river waves of middle England but she also had heard a rumour that there may be a Severn Bore on offer too!

“Leave it with me”

Were my words and I started doig a bit of digging as I hadnt surfed the Bore since 1996 so I had a bot of homework to do.

Before the Bore Surf though we had to hit Daves Wave!

Claire had her brand new never seen in the UK riversurf board, the Badfish Sk8.


I headed to Epney to scope the Bore before Claire arrived the next day. Had a short Bore ride in the dark.

Next day – Claire awaiting the Bore!

Here it comes!! Success! Here is Claires trip report of the UK… 

Kids Riversurf Fun…..

Not too much rain lately but still have a bit of riversurf family fun on offer. Warm air temps, warm water and sun, in the Summer Holidays!

Here’s a couple of Dads having a go.

Berry Picking boy.

Changing room on wheels!

Austria White Water SUP Mission

Prutz on The River Inn was the destination. A group of three in the van. Loaded with four White Water SUPs and two kayaks!

My words can’t really do justice so again I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Almost there!










To becontinued….:)

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