Swimming lessons


  • Beginners to Advanced
  • Toddlers to Pensioners
  • Triathlon Training
  • Open water swimming
  • Video analysis
  • Halliwick AST trained
  • ASA L2

My swim lessons are mostly in the Endless Pool. The focus is on greater distance per stroke, which is achieved by ‘swimming with lift’ rather than creating your own lift with your arm action. Swimmers at Wavecloud Swim School allow the water to lift them rather than lifting themselves with a down stroke This gives a longer propulsion phase of the stroke, making the swimmer travel further on less effort.

I also offer open water swim teaching from SUP. It’s like having me next to you in the pool except outside. Nothing is better for swim teaching outdoors than teaching from a SUP.

Children’s lessons –

The short clip above shows a thirty minute lesson compressed down. These two boys are advanced freestyle swimmers but still benefit from the Endless Pool. Both boys have moved into open water swimming and long distance stand up paddle boarding and Riversurfing.

Adult lessons –

This customer is in training for ultra long distance multi day swimming. She benefits greatly from ‘Swimming With Lift’

Prices –

£25 for 30 minutes (pay as you go)

£110 for 5 x 30 minute lessons (paid in advance)

£200 for 10 x 30 minute lessons (paid in advance)

I offer two kids for one, so you can split costs with a friend or sibling.

Call Dave and Book Now – 07517 955 552


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